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About Bright World Guardianships

Being a Host Family is a GREAT thing to do!

At Bright World our Host families are as happy as our students and their parents.

The UK boarding school sector is becoming more and more popular around the World and many schools currently welcome students from over 50 countries worldwide.  Overseas parents are attracted to an English-speaking European country with good transport links and they are attracted by  the safe and friendly reputation, and the quality of life on offer.

With more international students joining the fantastic independent schools in the UK, Bright World’s Guardianship Service is becoming more and more popular.  Bright World has offered guardianship to students across the UK since 2000 and is fully AEGIS accredited which means our safeguarding standards are of a high level and constantly being monitored.  Finding host families for our students is an important part of our job and with the increase in demand for our services, we need more families.

Finding Hosts with the Most

Having made the long journey from their home country, international students often only go back home during the long holidays. This means that when their boarding houses close for short weekends and half term weeks, our students need somewhere to stay.  These bright, brave and talented children have had to cope with leaving their families to embark on the challenge of a lifetime and so when their holidays come they really need to feel comfortable and yearn for a host family who will take them in and offer them a true home from home.

Bright World has some really excellent host families who make such a huge difference to the experience of our students here in the UK.  By offering them a home from home for their holidays they are truly making things easier for all and our students actually look forward to their half term breaks rather than dreading them and waiting for them to be over. 

“Gina was a lovely student and was polite and mixed well. We loved having her and would welcome her back anytime.

We are very impressed with Bright World with the quality of your students and your excellent communication.”

    Peter and Lorraine, Bright World Host Family

A win-win situation for all

Not only do our host families get a huge amount of satisfaction from seeing their student settle down and feel comfortable in their homes, they find the experience very good for their own children.  Some of our families say that it is like their children are having a lesson in culture at the dinner table as they can also learn a lot from this new stranger in the house who becomes like a brother or a sister as the months and sometimes years go on.  Of course, although money is not the first incentive for our host families, they do benefit from a nightly rate and therefore it does create a valuable extra income for all the family.   

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