Culture And People Lead - Flexible

London (Remote available)
Up to £45,000 FTE and potential to grow as the company grows.
13 Apr 2018
26 Apr 2018
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We build great products

We have some amazing customers

We’ve always been known for our amazing culture – but as we grow, we can’t just rely on that magically continuing. In fact – we know that without work, the culture we are so proud of could become a weakness.

We’ve grown to 50 employees across three countries (UK, Spain & Germany), but we’re still very much a start-up in our outlook. Plus everybody is busy and focused on tasks. So although we have a fierce view of what type of company we want to be, we need to make sure that vision is part of our everyday actions – from how we bring on new staff, to implementing some radical ideas around communication, pay and self-management.

As a company, we want to work in a different way. We started off with a very flat structure, freedom of choice and radical transparency – and staying true to that is essential. Growth shouldn’t mean compromise, but it does mean new ways of staying true to that vision at scale by employing tools and processes that serve our principles.

We’re looking for someone practical and hands-on, with a drive for change but compassion for why it can be difficult. We don’t want the kind of person who only makes an inspiring talk, runs an uplifting workshop or writes a great mission statement (we can do those, thanks) – but someone who knows how to turn ideas into action.

  • We believe people need access to information to make good decisions – so how do we bring that information to people?
  • We believe people need to collaborate and avoid silos – so how do we bring people together daily, weekly, annually?
  • We believe people should value honesty and constructive change – how do we provide one another feedback frequently and non-confrontationally?
  • We believe that we live or die by our talent – how do we find and bring in brilliant people and on-board them successfully?
  • We believe there is never a miracle cure for any problem, only constant relentless improvement and experimentation – what would you try, how would you implement a suggestion or encourage people to test something new?
  • We believe people should work where and when they want – so how do you ensure the quality of communication and collaborations stays high between people in differing locations?

There’s so much we do really well that we need to build on. There’s so much that we’re awful at that we want to improve but aren’t quite sure how, or don’t have time to change. We have such faith in ourselves as a team – it’s such a waste when we frustrate or block that talent inadvertently. Brilliant people aren’t always easy; high standards and tight deadlines create true pressure – we need someone who can understand that, but keep a relentless focus on improving how we work together as well as the work itself.

Working with bright, smart founders who have no intention of delegating their vision for this, you must be capable of keeping up. You’ll work with a radical company that’s determined to live by its ideals – but that means accepting some of the trade-offs those bring. Transparency over pay and salary, for example, can lead to difficult discussions; remote working can make it harder to build close connections.

If you like the idea of being a Chief Happiness Officer whom everybody loves – this isn’t for you. But if these challenges and questions excite you because you’re fed up with companies who mouth on-trend platitudes while carrying on in exactly the same way – then get in touch.

The role comes with freedom, responsibility and almost unlimited flexibility. Applications welcomed from anywhere, though the main UK office is in London.