Deputy Director Policy & Strategy Customer Business Partner

London, Newcastle, Manchester, Leeds.
£65,000 (£68,500 in London)
21 Aug 2017
15 Sep 2017
Contract Type
Full Time

HMRC is increasingly responsive to customer feedback and is looking to recruit
a Deputy Director for a Policy & Strategy Customer Business Partner role who
will lead the between HMRC strategy & policy teams and the Customer
Directorate (CD). Working collaboratively with colleagues across the CS&TD
Group, and others in the Department, notably Customer Services and
Customer Compliance you will help to shape HMRC’s strategy & policy
development so it is designed around customer insight, real time information
and key stakeholder input.
In this way you will ensure strategy & policy is linked to the “real world”
experience and needs of our customers whilst taking in to account Ministerial,
legislative and operational requirements.
Fostering and building excellent relationships between strategy, policy and
customer teams is a critical part of this role. This includes developing a strong
working relationship between strategy, policy, customer and compliance teams,
listening to the needs of strategy & policy Directors and their teams and
ensuring resources are deployed to meet their needs. You will identify where
additional resources may be needed at critical times (e.g. in the run up to fiscal
events) and work with the customer Directorate to plan and prioritise resources 
around the needs of the Strategy & Policy teams.
Key responsibilities will include:
• Leading a team of “around 12” customer specialists across the strategy
and policy functions – ensuring they have a clear set of accountabilities
and deliver at pace.
• Working with strategy & policy directors to deploy the team’s resources
to where they are needed and ensure they are effectively led.
• Acting as the champion of the customer within the strategy & policy
functions by bringing the ‘Voice of the Customer’ in to the strategy &
policy making process, taking an assertive and proactive approach in
holding others to account for ensuring the customer and key
stakeholders are heard and that customer experience is incorporated in
to decision making – e.g. through customer challenge panels or the
development of research bids.
• You and your team will work actively to provide actionable customer
insight, and options and ideas to shape customer centric strategies and
policies. Where appropriate, you will take the initiative and lead on
projects and changes to help improve the customer experience.
• Working pro-actively with strategy & policy makers to understand current
Ministerial priorities and horizon scanning external developments,
identifying gaps in customer understanding on key customer groups and
developing insights needed to support future reform.
• Providing customer input and skills to teams across the strategy & policy
functions, working with Directors to balance their needs, including
identifying additional flexible resource from within the customer function
where required, prioritising across the team. This is particularly critical in
the run up to fiscal events such as the Autumn Budget.
• Building the customer capability and knowledge of strategy & policy
teams in how to use customer insight, real time understanding and the
cumulative impact of change on our customers. This will include
assessing the customer skills of customer teams and working with
relevant Directors to develop and deploy training and development
• Ensuring strategy & policy teams have access to, and correctly tap in to
key stakeholder groups in areas like consultation but also hear their
views in the early stages of strategy & policy development.
• Working closely with other Directors to acquire the insight and skills
needed to support the in development of strategy & policy. Acting as a
single point of contact to understand the priorities in these areas, and
working with peers in the Customer Directorate to secure the insights
necessary; and helping the Directorate to understand the needs of
strategy & policy makers
• Acting as lead and main point of contact for CD with HMRC Strategies
Directorate – drawing on expertise and resource from across CD to
support the design and development of customer centred strategies and
vice versa.
• Acting as the lead and main point of contact for CD on Brexit issues –
drawing on expertise and resource from across CD to support the
design and development of customer centred EU transition policies and 
• You will be responsible for working collaboratively with the Strategy
Team and other key stakeholders, to define and deliver relevant
customer related strategies (for example customer migration strategies,
the customer segmentation approach and underpinning strategies for
• Responsible for owning and refreshing the Customer and Channels
layer of the HMRC Blueprint, horizon scanning for developments and
best practice to shape the Department’s approach.
• You will lead for the Directorate on development and implementation of
the “People Plan”, responding pro-actively to the People Survey results,
working with the wider Leadership Team in driving and encouraging the
team to listen and respond to the feedback proactively and visibly.
• Leading on other People related strategies such as ensuring the
Directorate continues to implement the Performance Management
system consistently and fairly; and has an active plan to develop and
support our people to grow and develop their capabilities.
This role is still evolving as the new structures bed in. A key responsibility will
be for you to further develop the Strategy & Policy Business Partner role, and
how the team works collaboratively across both CD and CS&TD as well as
building its capability and shaping its reputation within HMRC