9 ways to feel more confident in a job interview

1. Put your best foot forward


"Dress smartly, but stay in your comfort zone: for example, if you've never worn heels, don't start now."

"Shine your shoes!"


2. Be memorable (in a good way)


"Wear something striking. You're there because of your impressive capabilities and your suitability for the role, but it will help you stand out."

"I always wear bright colours in an interview - my favourite is a bright pink shift dress. One of the interviewers told me she smiled when I walked into the room because I seemed so bright and cheerful."


3. Prepare yourself - physically as well as mentally


"Do a few relaxation exercises just before you go into the interview: run your tongue in a circular movement around the front of your teeth, five times in each direction. This will relax your jaw which will be locked if you are feeling stressed. Then do some shoulder rolls: lift your shoulders above your ears and drop a few times to release any tension in your neck."

"Go for a wee beforehand."


4. Do some sleuthing


"Find out who is on your interview panel and look them up on LinkedIn: it really helps if you know what they look like and a bit about their own background. It can also give you an idea of what they might want to hear."


5. If you're not feeling it, try faking it


"Smile - it makes you appear more confident."

"Sit well and don't slouch. Good posture makes you look taller, but also more confident."


6. Take your time


"When I'm stressed I speak too quickly, so forcing myself to slow down has been helpful in past interviews."

"Always say yes to a glass of water. You can take a sip to give you time to think about your answer to a difficult question."


7. Reframe the situation


"If the interviewer is a lot older than you, try thinking of them as an aunt or uncle. It makes them seem much less scary and helps you relax."


8. Know your worth


"I see interviews as much for my benefit as theirs - do I really want to work for/with these people? Thinking this keeps the nerves away and gives me a boost of confidence."

"It takes some guts, but I always ask the interviewer if they have any doubts about me as a candidate. It shows that you have confidence in yourself and also gives you the chance to clear up any doubts they might have about you before you leave."


9. And finally


"Squeezing your buttocks together when you are shaking hands with the interview panel stops your hands from shaking."

"Don't eat the chocolate biscuits."


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