A day in the life of a Director of Product and Marketing at Octopus Energy



On a typical day I’m up at 6 am, when I’ll wrestle my smallest child into clothes and head out the door at 7. One ongoing morning rollercoaster is navigating whether said smallest child will want her apple for the car chopped up or whole, and making the wrong call can trigger the most epic of tantrums. Our childminder is a 45-minute round trip, which can feel like a long way on those mornings.

I head for the 7:54 am train and get an hour’s work done before I get in just after 9 (hopefully)! I am quite comfortable with a commute, but there’s nothing quite so soul destroying as hearing ‘all trains cancelled at Euston’.

A typical day means catching up with the CEO and various members of my team. On Mondays, I particularly enjoy our team ‘stand-up’, where everyone gets a timed two minutes on their week’s priorities, which keeps us abreast of each other’s work. We work very fast, so it's also an opportunity for a rep from our Operations team to join and understand what we're doing and whether there's anything that might affect their workload.

I tend to try and minimise meetings, though they do sneak in. It can feel rushed, jumping from one thing to the next, and I feel a bit guilty when I can’t give enough time to people. With that in mind, I do try to schedule proper catch ups as well, so it’s not always just a functional relationship for answering quick questions.

My days are always super busy so I usually step out for some food around 2pm. I walk round Soho for a bit pretending that I’m not going to get the same thing from the same place I always do...and then I do.

We always like to have slightly too much on for comfort. This week, we've created and produced our own TV ad (no agency), and this year we’ve begun setting up a Smart Energy Hack Day, we spent a rainy day planting 110 trees in the Midlands for our 1,000 Trees initiative and organised one of our periodic mega parties across two venues.

I bomb out of office at 17:08 precisely, which allows me to walk onto the 17:33 at Euston just as the platform guards start to look at their watches. I’ll work on the journey till 18:30 when the train gets in. Mondays and Wednesdays, I walk into the house at 18.45 and my partner walks out to his kickboxing class. Then on Tuesday and Thursday I walk in, get changed and head out again to the same class. I love the exercise and the social side, though I get massive ‘mum guilt’ about walking in then out again, so I don't always go twice a week.

If it’s my night on bedtimes, I enjoy cuddles with my daughter and then my son, as well as some casual phone time. I recently took my work emails off my phone, which means I have that time to read the news (AKA go on Mumsnet and refresh the parking threads and Christmas Bargain Prequel thread – I’m a bit late starting the Christmas shopping this year).

At about 9pm, my partner and I reconvene and commence the classic ‘what do you want to eat/there’s nothing on the telly’ conversation loop. Generally, we try and cook something healthy, then I’ll try and get in an hour or two’s work in front of whatever’s on. At 11pm we eat all the biscuits we can find and go up to bed to find both children have snuck in.

I really love working in the tech sector - I work with a load of passionate, talented, hard working people and I love the variety and the dynamism. I like the fact that what we do matters - bringing energy bills down and helping save the planet with renewables. And the WhatsApp banter. It’s freaking funny.

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