A day in the life of a Consultant at FDM Group

Sheila Marriott returned to work in 2016 after a two-year gap to care for her sons. She shares a day in her life as a Consultant with FDM Group whom she joined as part of their Getting Back to Business Returner Programme, which helps parents returning from a career break with training, upskilling and support. Sheila FDM

My day starts at 6am -  I get ready before rousing the boys, who are nine and seven. Once they’re up and have dressed themselves we have breakfast together, and I take them over to my parents who drop them at school for me. Meanwhile, I travel to work by train which takes about 90 minutes. I actually enjoy the commute - it gives me time to reflect. 

8.30am I read through my emails and prepare for the day ahead. I might have meetings with teams across the business to ensure that we’re running to schedule and to iron out any issues, or be meeting a supplier, or heading out for a visit. This role suits me perfectly - I had previous experience with projects that meant a big change for organisations, so I was able to hit the ground running and deal with people from a whole range of sectors.

1pm is time for a quick lunch.  I try not to eat at my desk and will take a walk to keep my steps up and get some fresh air, and a bit of Me Time. 

2pm  - More meetings and then some admin tasks - writing up documents, updating plans or risks logs.

Between 4.30 and 5pm, I leave the office and head to my parents to collect the boys after their busy day. Once home, we’ll eat together then sit down and tackle any homework they have before enjoying some family play time!

8pm is bedtime for the boys. I start preparing for the next day by laying out clothes, making packed lunches and so on. Life in a full-on, full-time role with two small children is undoubtedly very busy - planning and preparation is the key to success, not just at work but at home too! 

10.00pm: Bedtime for me! It is tiring, but I really enjoy being a working mum; I'm so pleased that I’ve successfully restarted my career after taking some time out with the family. The boys seem to have benefited too; they’re building their independence and get to spend more time with their grandparents, which is lovely. I couldn't do it without their help so feel very lucky to have the best of both worlds. 

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