A day in the life of an Assistant Manager at McDonald's

mcdLisa Kitching is an Assistant Manager for McDonald's - here’s her typical day... 

6:15am My alarm goes off and I get up to make the children's lunchboxes and iron their uniforms, and mine. It's always a bit of a wrench getting out of bed but I really value this time - it allows me to think through everything that's got to be done during the day, both work and family stuff, in peace!

7.30am I wake up the children and we eat breakfast together. This is a brilliant time of day - I can focus on them properly without getting too stressed. The kids are ten and seven so they’ll be full of whatever it is that's going on in school that day. Once they're dressed and ready, it's off to school, and then off to work for me.

I feel very lucky to have a full-time job that allows me to do the school run and still be home in time for dinner every night. McDonald’s offers parents, students and everyone else absolute flexibility with their hours - essentially, we choose when we want to work and for how long, and can still move shifts around if we need to! Working parents often worry about what will happen if a child is ill whilst they’re at work, but there’s always enough cover if someone needs to dash off, and the understanding from the rest of the team is really comforting.

9am I arrive at work. I go through anything from the day before that needs a quick look, then check stock, promotions that maybe starting and more importantly, staff numbers for that day. I really enjoy this aspect of the job - patching in the right number of staff is a bit of a puzzle and it’s satisfying when you get it right.

10.30am  Breakfast time can sometimes be pretty busy so until 10:30 that's a focus.

Once the changeover to the day menu has happened, the day staff start arriving. I hand over to the day manager for a bit and head off with the other morning staff for a break.

Having the crew room is great - everyone gathers here and I get time to chat and catch up on what's going on in their lives. I really relish this aspect of my work - being a manager is so much about people, and understanding their aspirations and motivations. I can’t really do that if I don’t spend time listening to them. And YES - we do get free McDonald’s if we want it. Big perk!

11.15am I’m ready to go back and get ready for lunchtime. This is the best part of the day, working with your team and serving customers, and talking to the locals that come in every day. I love chatting to other parents that come in with their pre-school children - I remember doing the same myself!

I make myself available in all areas of the store when it’s busy. I watch to see where I’m most needed and nip in to help things flow - I’m a bit of a jack of all trades! This bit of my job - the variety - is really important to me.

2.30pm Once lunch has ended around 2:30/3pm I will go round help staff stock up ready for the evening rush.

5pm I check stock levels for the next day and make decisions about staff levels for the following day based on how busy we’ve been. I check emails and do any paperwork that is needed to be completed.

By 5:30pm we’ll be starting to get busy again, so I’ll nip back and help out on the shop floor until it's quieter.

I’m off by around 6pm, having handed over to the closing manager. I jump in the car and drive home to see my children and spend the rest of the evening with them. Perfect.

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