Career hacks: how to get ahead in the workplace

1. "Spend 20% of your time on self-promotion and 80% doing the job"

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"If you're in a job where you want to progress, spend one day every now and again making sure everyone hasn't forgotten you or what a great job you are doing (you may feel this is beneath you but lots of successful men do this all the time)."


2. "Aim to arrive early"

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"It gives you the feeling and impression of being 'on top of your shit'."

3. "Never, ever skip client entertaining"

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"It's the perfect opportunity to get to know senior people, and for them to get to know you."


4. "Don't waste time getting permission for stuff"


"If you have an idea/plan that's not illegal, and there has definitely not been anything said about not doing it, then just do it and wait until someone stops you. Most of the time you'll be seen as an innovator with great ideas; sometimes you'll be stopped, but on the whole not in a telling-off way if your intentions were good!"


5. "Know what you bring to the table, rather than trying to be everything"

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"What are your strengths? If you're the big picture person, identify the detail person to work with - much easier than becoming one."


6. "Don't be so available for busywork"

not doing htat

"I used to do so much 'extra' - admin, busywork, people work, being available, being nice, being super-prompt on email etc. Then I had a baby and no time, and looked at what my [successful male] colleagues were doing, and they sure as hell weren't doing all that extra busywork stuff. Now I just don't do it, no-one has noticed, I get just as much work done and, funnily, people seem to think I am more important."


7. "Know your worth"

liz lemon

"Your pay rise should be annual and at least the amount it would cost to replace you."


 8. "Always sit in the front row"


" meetings, presentations etc. You get more attention from the speaker and show the world that it is not scary to do this."

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