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Mumsnet Talent believes flexibility is key, not only to a happier, healthier workforce, but to the future of successful businesses. To this end we set up the Flexible Employer Programme to provide, among other opportunities, an accreditation for businesses who want to embrace flex, improve their policies and be recognised for their efforts and achievements.

Aster Group 


"People’s lives and priorities change over time.  From student days, childbirth, being a carer, major life events, holidays of a lifetime to getting ready for retirement, we want to use our approach to flexibility to enable our people to contribute to Aster and give their best, in a framework that gives people options to manage their circumstances to suit them.  We recognise that work is an important and enabling part of people’s lives, so that when life changes, the nature of work can change too and in a way that will enable Aster Group to continue to benefit their knowledge, skills and experience, and our people continue to feel valued, no matter what life brings."

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Compass Group

compass group

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Imperial College London (Healthcare)

imperial college london

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Liberty Specialty Markets

liberty specialty markets

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Independent Clinical Services Group



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As part of the programme, Mumsnet Talent hosts monthly roundtables on a range of topics relevant to employer branding and flexibility. Take a look below to see how our very first one went - and then read the links below for a more detailed summary.

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