Why do parents go to work?

1. To keep the cogs turning

Work makes me use my brain and keeps me sane


2. For the balance

Going to work makes me appreciate being a mum so much more because I get a break. I have a chance to actually miss my boy.


3. To be challenged

I love the challenges my job  poses and I am bloody good at it 


4. To stay in the game


 want to keep my skills fresh and not lose my classroom nerve


5. For security

I work to put food on the table and a roof over our heads and so I have a pension for when I can no longer work.


6. For self-worth

I work because I need money and because I have been unemployed and I really did not like how I felt about myself. 


7. For mutual gain

I'm very lucky to be able to work three days a week in a job I like, with people I like and very good benefits. And I believe my children benefit greatly from nursery three days a week 


8. To stay true to yourself

I worked long and hard on my career before I became a mum and I wasn't going to just give it up.

9. To be a role model

I want my daughters to have a close example of women having careers, even after they have babies. 


10. For the socialising

I meet loads of interesting and cool people 


11. For pride

Confidence. Financial security. Sense of duty. 


12. For self-satisfaction

I know I'm useful and my work is appreciated. I gain so much satisfaction knowing that I'm helping, and making a difference. My feeling of self-worth has rocketed. I am so much happier.


13. To grow as an individual

I'm proud of what I do. It's part of my identity and I studied for years to get into my profession. 


14. For the love of it

I love my job. I would still go to work if I won the lottery. It's a lot of work for not very much money, but it's extremely fulfilling, and I am very lucky to have been able to pursue it.  


And finally...

I work because no kids are allowed there. 

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