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About Imperial College London

Dedicated to excellence in medical research and educating the next generation of healthcare professionals.

Our commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

"Imperial College London is a place where talented people bring their best ideas and hard work to address many of the great challenges in the world. In order to be at the forefront of this effort, we must draw upon the talents of staff and students from all backgrounds and from all over the world.

We are an inclusive workplace, seeking out the creative vigour of diversity by being open to all people, whatever their background, experience or identity. We are committed to equality of opportunity, to eliminating discrimination and to creating an inclusive working environment for all. Please see our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy to find out how we are working to ensure that Imperial fulfils its mission to achieve enduring excellence in research and teaching for the benefit of society."

Alice Gast, President


Our culture

Our institutional culture is shaped by our community. It is sustained and expressed day-to-day in our behaviour and in the relationships between us: formal connections of line management, professional interactions among colleagues, peers and classmates, teacher-student exchanges, and informal contacts and friendships. It is also transmitted in our outreach and widening participation work with pre-entry applicants.

Our culture is also shaped by our institutional history and by society. The very name Imperial is a reminder of a historical legacy that is rooted in colonial power and inequality. We choose not to deny that history but not to be defined by it either. Nor do we shy away from the fact that we are embedded within a society that, despite progressive legal and cultural changes in recent decades, is still disfigured by inequality and discrimination. Racism, sexism, disablism, and other prejudices and abuses of power harm the daily experiences of too many of our staff and students inside and outside the institution.

Although in theory the equal rights of individuals are protected by law, reality too often falls short. In part this is because the ideas of equality, diversity and inclusion are still sometimes seen as matters that are secondary to the core institutional and organisational goals. At Imperial we reject that view. We wish to be clear-sighted about what these ideas mean and the value they bring to everything that we are aiming to achieve.


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