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02 Apr 2018
19 Apr 2018
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Maths (Degree) tutors & teachers

"I need help with one part of my Assignment for University. Will take an hour. Here is what I need help with. Footrot in sheep is caused by the bacteria that live on the feet of infected sheep, which may or may not be lame. The bacteria pass from one sheep to another via the surface the sheep are standing or walking on (e.g. the pasture or standing areas at gathering sites). D. nodosus can survive for a maximum of 7–10 days on pasture and for up to 6 weeks in hoof horn clippings. A flock of 200 sheep had their feet swabbed and the presence of D.nodosus checked for by cell culture, the number of feet each sheep had positive for D. nodosus is shown below. It is beneficial to know if the presence of D.nodosus among the feet of sheep follows a defined distribution. Compare the observed data to the appropriate expected data graphically, and formally test if the data follows that expected data. What do you conclude?"

Requested by Catherine H in w8 6uy

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