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09 Apr 2018
17 Apr 2018
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Statistics (Degree) tutors & teachers

"I'm looking for a tutor to help on the statistics part of my dissertation on SPSS. I studied SPSS in 1st year for one semester so I have some basis, however I am not very comfortable with statistics or SPSS. I need to do a statistical analysis on about 50 results of a Likert scale questionnaire on cross-cultural differences in companies. I talked about factor loading and MANOVA with my lecturer. My supervisor basically guided my through the process however it was a few weeks ago and I want someone who knows SPSS to help me through the process and check for any errors. I think I would need about 2H around the 18th-20th of April (anytime during the day as I am on break). The lesson would either take place at my house in Bow or café in Bethnal Green or Central London. Please let me know if you need any precisions. I am really looking for someone who knows statistics and who is clear on using SPSS for Likert scale questionnaires. Thank you!"

Requested by Loris Y in E33BN

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