Lecturer in Health & Social Care – Maternity Cover

Gloucestershire College
Competitive salary
15 May 2018
22 May 2018
Contract Type
Full Time

Learning and teaching

  • Provide learning and assessment activities which meet curriculum requirements and the aims and needs of all the learners.
  • Plan and use a range of effective and appropriate teaching and learning techniques to engage and motivate learners and encourage independence and learner autonomy.
  • Select and develop a range of effective resources, including appropriate use of new and emerging technologies ensuring they are inclusive, promote equality and engage with diversity.
  • Establish a purposeful and motivating learning environment where learners feel safe, secure, confident and valued.
  • Establish and maintain procedures with learners which promote and maintain appropriate behaviour, communication and respect for others, while challenging discriminatory behaviour and attitudes.
  • Use listening and questioning techniques appropriately and effectively in a range of learning contexts.
  • Provide opportunities for learners to understand how the specialist area relates to the wider social, economic and environmental context.
  • Work with learners to address particular individual learning needs and overcome identified barriers to learning.
  • Evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of own teaching, including consideration of learner feedback and learning theories.
  • Use mentoring and/or coaching to support own and others’ professional development, as appropriate.
  • Evaluate and improve own communication skills to maximise effective communication and overcome identifiable barriers to communication.
  • Collaborate and communicate appropriately with colleagues and external agencies to encourage learner progress.
  • Work with colleagues with relevant learner expertise to identify and address literacy, language and numeracy development in own specialist area.


  • Devise, select, use and appraise assessment tools, including where appropriate, those which use new and emerging technologies.
  • Develop, establish and promote peer and self-assessment as a tool for learning and progression.
  • Design and apply appropriate methods of assessment fairly and effectively.
  • Apply appropriate assessment methods to produce valid, reliable and sufficient evidence.
  • Collaborate with others, as appropriate, to promote equality and consistency in assessment processes, participating fully in internal and external verification.
  • Ensure that learners understand, are involved and share in responsibility for assessment of their learning.
  • Contribute to the organisation’s quality cycle by producing accurate and standardised assessment information, and keeping appropriate records of assessment decisions and learners’ progress.

Professional values and practice

  • Use opportunities to highlight the potential for learning to positively transform lives and contribute to effective citizenship identifying the transferable skills they are developing, and how these might relate to employment opportunities.
  • Encourage learners to recognise and reflect on ways in which learning can empower them as individuals and make a difference in their communities.
  • Share good practice with others and engage in continuing professional development through reflection, evaluation and the appropriate use of resources.
  • Conform to statutory requirements and apply codes of practice including appropriate consideration of the needs of children, young people and vulnerable adults and equality of opportunity.
  • Keep accurate records which contribute to organisational procedures.
  • Evaluate own contribution to the organisation’s quality cycle.

Access and progression

  • Refer learners to information on potential current and future learning and career opportunities and appropriate specialist support services.
  • Provide learners with appropriate information about the organisation and its facilities, and encourage learners to use the organisation’s services, as appropriate.
  • Provide effective learning support, within the boundaries of the teaching role.

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