Enterprise Coordinator

BEP Office
£28, 000 to £35,500 dependent on experience
26 Jul 2018
19 Aug 2018
Contract Type

This is a fixed term contract until 31st July 2020

Birmingham Education Partnership (BEP) is seeking to recruit an Enterprise Coordinator to join our established Enterprise Advisor Network (EAN) working with secondary schools across the city of Birmingham.

The Enterprise Coordinator is the pivotal role in The Careers & Enterprise Company’s national programme and critical to achieving its aim of motivating, inspiring and supporting young people in making informed choices about their future and help them achieve against those choices.

The EAN helps schools to provide their pupils with high quality careers information and meaningful encounters with the world of work, in line with the national careers strategy, and through the development of a school strategy, links to business volunteers and events.

It helps schools to benchmark their careers strategy against best practice as detailed within the Gatsby benchmarks.

The EAN in Birmingham is part of a country wide initiative structured and supported by the Careers and Enterprise Company who provide match funding to the project.

The scheme is delivered by BEP in partnership with Birmingham City Council and Birmingham Professional Services.

We are looking for someone with some experience of the national careers agenda and of delivering events, but more importantly with the desire to bring together schools and businesses and create long lasting working relationships that help young people to shape their own future.

Flexible working hours and term time working available.

More information about the EAN our partners and the roles within the network is available on the Birmingham Education Partnership website. 

Main purpose of the role

The Enterprise Coordinator sits at the heart of a local cluster system intended to:

  • Help schools and colleges to improve their careers and enterprise activities and to engage with the world of work
  • Make it easier for employers and the self-employed to engage with schools and colleges
  • Focus everyone’s efforts on programmes and activities that are most effective in motivating young people, supporting independent choice, and supporting positive outcomes for young people

Enterprise Coordinator(s) will do this by recruiting local schools and colleges to join The Careers & Enterprise Company’s programme and will then match each school and college with an Enterprise Adviser. Enterprise Advisers are volunteers who have been drawn from local employers or the self-employed who will work with a school or college (matched 1:1) to support that school or college in developing an effective careers and enterprise strategy. These Enterprise Advisers will have been recruited by the LEP Executive.

The Enterprise Coordinator will work with schools and colleges and their Enterprise Advisers to conduct an initial diagnostic of their careers and enterprise strategy and will support the Enterprise Adviser in further developing and optimising this strategy.

The Enterprise Coordinator will help ensure that the best local careers and enterprise provision is made available to schools and colleges in their area by acting as a core link to existing provision. The Enterprise Coordinator will also help stimulate more provision where necessary by working closely with the Enterprise Advisers, local employers, and with the central team at The Careers & Enterprise Company.

The role will involve regular contact with senior people across a wide range of partners including:

  • Schools and colleges and employers/the self-employed
  • Local, regional and national skills organisations and education/training providers
  • Business representative organisations and third sector partners
  • The Careers & Enterprise Company

Main Responsibilities

  1. Build effective relationships with local schools and colleges. Understand their needs to ensure the programme has impact and addresses those needs. Engage them in the programme.
  2. Establish, equip and support a high-profile and high-performing Enterprise Adviser network matched to local schools and colleges:
    1. Work with LEP leadership and local employers, the self-employed and employer groups to recruit and establish the Enterprise Adviser network;
    2. Introduce and match those Enterprise Advisers to local schools and colleges;
    3. Equip the Enterprise Advisers with the resources and contacts that they need to fulfil the role and help them make the best use of the opportunities available;
    4. Ensure the experience is managed to a consistently high standard across the cluster.
  3. Understand the business and provider offers for schools and colleges in the area and make this knowledge available to Enterprise Advisers and schools and colleges
  4. Stimulate even more activity from local employers and the self-employed by engaging effectively and tenaciously with local employers and employer groups (e.g. Chambers, CBI, FSB, IoD)
  5. Harness energy, input and support from all senior employment and education leaders in the area, including:
    1. LEP chair, Chief Executive, Employability and Skills Board;
    2. Educational leaders (head teachers, college principals, academy chains);
    3. Employers, the self-employed and employer groups (e.g. Chambers, CBI, FSB, IoD); and
    4. Leading providers (e.g. NCS, BITC, EPBs).
  6. Localise and tailor The Careers & Enterprise Company toolkit, based on knowledge of local context; share best practice and case examples back to The Careers & Enterprise Company
  7. Rigorously track impact working closely with The Careers & Enterprise Company
  8. Optimise the performance of the cluster:
    1. Set a culture of excellence
    2. Closely review whether the activities being provided in schools and colleges are meeting the needs of young people, schools and local economic needs and if not, identify ways to improve that activity;
    3. Promote and share leading practice across the cluster of schools and colleges
    4. Formally evaluate and report progress to the LEP Employability and Skills Board, your local Programme Board, and The Careers & Enterprise Company.
  9. Raise the profile of the programme locally through all available channels e.g. through interaction with local press and MP.
  10. Ensure effective and broad-based governance of the programme across a range of stakeholders.

Person Specification

We expect Enterprise Coordinators to bring a range of backgrounds and skills to the position, and to share these for the benefit of the programme through the national network facilitated by The Careers & Enterprise Company.

However, they much share a common set of key competencies:

  1. Ability to work with senior stakeholders to capture their attention, engage and enrol them in careers and enterprise activities for schools and colleges and in support of the programme, and maintain enthusiasm throughout;
  2. Ability to use and develop an evolving toolkit to create clarity and impact;
  3. Ability to understand the needs of/constraints on schools and colleges and to support them effectively;
  4. Ability to understand the needs of/constraints on employers and the self-employed and to support them effectively;
  5. Persistence and determination in ambiguous situations;
  6. Ability continuously to improve the system;
  7. Demonstrate experience of implementing careers strategies.

Skills and experience:

Knowledge and experience

  • Demonstrate experience of implementing careers strategies.
  • Some understanding of relevant local and national policy relating to skills and economic development
  • Demonstratable understanding of issues and barriers to employment faced by young people
  • Demonstratable appreciation of what motivates young people
  • Demonstratable understanding of employers of different sizes
  • Demonstratable understanding of school and college structures and working practices
  • Experience coordinating projects or programmes


  • Able to engage and influence a wide range of stakeholders
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Good team leadership skills
  • Ability to assimilate new information quickly
  • Ability to conduct basic data management
  • Able to project manage and manage priorities effectively and efficiently


  • Tenacious and resilient
  • Credible across business and school/college environments
  • Engaging and enthusiastic
  • Determined
  • Positive

Empathetic and inclusive