Co-Founder wanted for Eco-Startup Generator

London (Greater)
Competitive salary
12 Oct 2018
16 Oct 2018
Contract Type
Full Time
Solve.Earth aims to become the No.1 Global community for eco-startup companies and eco-entrepreneurs. Our aim is to inspire and facilitate the next generation to build profitable, scalable eco-startup companies and usher in a new era of ecological capitalism.

The company has a solo CEO Founder at present, and the core offering is an online course that several students have completed. We have run 3 sold-out eco-hackathons to test market appetite and the core philosophy of Solve.Earth. The events were very well received by participants and have resulted in further event opportunities including a collaboration with the Royal College of Art. The company was founded in early 2018. We are about to enter a promo launch phase and will be looking for seed funding soon.

Co-Founder desired criteria:

1. Capital to invest in company
2. Entrepreneurial experience
3. Relevant industry experience in the environmental sector, community platform building, or e-learning
4. Full-time availability
5. Passionate about building a sustainable future for humanity
6. Interpersonal people/networking skills or deal-making skills
7. Flexible, adaptable, self-driven, ambitious, friendly and cooperative by nature, but knows how to get shit done
8. Strong desire to innovate and disrupt existing markets and the status quo - willing to build the impossible
9. Marketing/Tech/Finance skills
10. Network of relevant contacts
11. Strong desire to create a cooperative, transparent and highly innovative forward-thinking company culture where employees are valued and taken care of as much as customers are
12. The desire to create a global company that will achieve positive change at an enormous scale - our intention is to facilitate the creation of several green unicorn startups in the next decade

Solve.Earth website description:

Solve.Earth is an academy whose purpose is to turn you into an eco-entrepreneur. You can create a new eco-business that offers products and services that are kinder to the environment. We organise hackathons, workshops, and online/offline courses on how to create your own eco-business to solve a particular environmental problem. All types of green businesses can be created by Solve.Earth entrepreneurs from the boutique shop that uses waste to create new fashion products, to radical new advanced technologies that can help repair and restore environmental damage.

Participants want to become eco-entrepreneurs and leaders in the coming age of environmentally-friendly sustainable business. Together we will clean and green the planet by creating innovative new business ideas and solutions to protect our shared future.

Healthy Planet - Healthy People - Healthy Profit

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