Business Developer

Phazmac Designs
£15,000 - £19,999
12 Oct 2018
16 Oct 2018
Contract Type
Full Time
Recently registered a design company based in Derby. Currently looking for a business partner to grow the business and assist in running it to become a large successful business. Experience in running a business is key, hardworking and have an understanding of the creative industry. Someone who is willing to take risks.

The role will be unpaid, to begin with. I want to work with a business person as excited and interested in UK Design as I am. Benefits include flexible working (what you agree to put in is what you will take out of the business), but most of all, the opportunity to be involved in a potentially massive business with clients from across all sectors and industries.

If you think you are right for Phazmac Designs, or just want to hear more about this opportunity, please apply and let's talk.

Surely you'd rather have a 5-minute conversation to decide its not for you, rather than missing out and potentially regretting it?

1. Risk taker
2. Entrepreneurial experience
3. Relevant industry experience in the creative sector
4. Full-time availability
5. Passionate about building a sustainable future for humanity
6. Interpersonal people/networking skills or deal-making skills
7. Flexible, adaptable, self-driven, ambitious, friendly and cooperative by nature, but knows how to get shit done
8. Strong desire to innovate and disrupt existing markets and the status quo - willing to build the impossible
9. Marketing/Tech/Finance skills
10. A network of relevant contacts
11. Strong desire to create a cooperative, transparent and highly innovative forward-thinking company culture where employees are valued and taken care of as much as customers are
12. The desire to create a global company that will achieve positive change at an enormous scale - our intention is to facilitate the creation of several green unicorn startups in the next decade

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