Graduate Software Engineer

£40,000 - £49,999
14 Jun 2019
19 Jun 2019
Contract Type
Full Time
Metomic is here to change the meaning of data privacy. We're giving organisations the tools they need to empower their users with transparency and control of data. This is the future we're moving into.

And we'd love for you to join us...

Metomic is currently at an early stage - you would be joining a founding team of five people, and helping us build (and come up with) our products from the very beginning. Nothing in the way we work is set in stone, and we basically question how we do everything. If you're curious, playful, and want to clean up the internet, join us :)

- Our widget is currently getting 200k impressions a week on hundreds of websites, and this is just the beginning.
- We love side projects; we're always coming up with new, peripheral things to build. If you're always fiddling with random ideas in your spare time, you'll fit right in.
- We love building things, breaking things, and solving problems; the problem we have on our hands is BIG so if you like coming up with solutions - even if that solution is throwing everything out and starting again - we want to hear from you

It's early days, so it doesn't matter if you're not familiar with what tools we're using. Just play to your strengths. On the backend you'll be helping us build our API using Node.js and GraphQL. Right now on the frontend we're using React and Preact. And if you're full stack, it would be great if you had a good working knowledge of devops. As a graduate, you already know how to code, but being an engineer is so much more than that and we want to help you get there.

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