Backend Developer (Remote)

South Bermonsey
20 Aug 2019
03 Oct 2019
Contract Type
Full Time

Full-time - Remote

Salary: Dependent upon experience (No agencies please, direct candidates only)


For people who collect memories, not stuff. Truly is the leading online retailer of unique, inspiring experiences, with websites in UK, US and Canada. From masterclasses at some of London's top restaurants, to creating your own bespoke scent with the Royal perfumers to driving supercars along Alpine passes following Top Gear's adventures - our mission is to help people create memories that last a lifetime.


We're looking for a Remote, Full-time Backend Developer to join our Product Team, focused on helping maintain existing functionality and build new functionalities for internal and external products. In the role, you'll have the opportunity to be part of a small, dynamic team working in an Agile way. You'll be able to learn about the experience industry and work through complex problems with backend code and some frontend code, APIs, continuous delivery and infrastructure as code. We are a small team, so you may need to jump in and help with tasks outside of pure backend development.

Location: The role can be done remotely, with regular sprint meetings conducted over video chat.

Key Attributes: Curious, constantly learning & pushing yourself; have opinions on how things should be done.

Career Progression: In the short-term, we expect you to become the lead database expert on the team. In the longer-term, we expect you to grow into a technical team leader and be a mentor to other junior engineers.

As a Team We're Working Towards:
  • Migrating Magento app to a modern, service-oriented approach and building our own APIs for all the new features we've got lined up
  • Making all of our fulfilment processes more robust, efficient, seamless and automated
  • Transforming the UI and UX for our mobile and desktop users through better design, faster response times, personalisation, better communication and new features

Other Responsibilities:
  • Debugging and fixing legacy code
  • Improving and maintaining the web infrastructure that runs the site
  • Supporting our concierge and merchandising teams with issues and technical queries
  • Enforcing and updating our security procedures


Ruby, Javascript, PHP, HTML, CSS, Redis, MySQL, Docker, AWS (EC2, RDS, SQS, S3), CloudFlare


We like engineers who code for readability and maintainability. Here are some desirable traits:
  • You write automated tests
  • You understand the use for a .editorconfig or a .rubocop
  • You document when you make changes others might need to understand in the future
  • Your commit messages make sense to others
  • You make technical decisions that future-you won't hate you for
  • You don't mind being available for out-of-hours emergencies
  • You ask for help when you don't know something
  • You speak up when you think there's a better way to do something
  • You understand the need for a common development process
  • You keep up-to-date with software engineering by reading blogs and attending interesting meetups