Podcast CO-HOST and TEAM

28 Oct 2019
14 Nov 2019
Contract Type
Part Time

I hope your having a great day and are all well! Currently I have a concept and in the midst of creating a new podcast show!! (Yes I know very original) However, I have been focusing on how the layout will be. Essentially I am looking for co-hosts to come and join me, so a team of 3 would be the perfect number, but having an extra person would still be great regardless :)

The main focus, is the cohesion amongst the co-hosts, as the concept is us discussing/interviewing and analysing young/experienced entrepreneurs, and gaining an understanding of them! I have spoken to a few potential individuals but let's see. As I will mention again, it is critical for myself, and the other co-hosts to have a genuine connection and not a scripted persona, makes it look fake and disingenuous!

So more about me; I'm a 23-year-old individual who loves all things business and start-up, I hate dogs haha, it's fine if you do! I'm somewhat ambitious and driven, but have a laid-back demeanour I think...and in general, like to laugh quite a bit! hopefully that's not too weird.

You should apply and message, regardless of your age, gender, as long as you think and have the passion this could do well, and believe this could ignite something, and we can create a genuine team here. Then go for it!! The message does not have to be long, just why you're interested and anything else you feel could be relevant. Join the journey!


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