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UnderTheDoormat Ltd
01 Nov 2019
15 Nov 2019
Retail and Sales
Contract Type
Part Time
UnderTheDoormat manages homes and guest stays in the fast-growing (31% per year) sharing economy accommodation sector. We welcome carefully selected guests from across the world who want to stay in the comfort of an authentic London home while enjoying the professional service, quality and amenities of a hotel. We take care of everything for the guests so homeowners get a secure and hassle-free way to earn money from their home when they are away. This includes I.D. verification, personal check-in and check-outs, insurance and a full clean after each stay. Homeowners are able to return to their beloved home just the way they left it (or even a little nicer) with extra money in the bank. We have over 100 homes in central London and in our first three years have welcomed over 2000 guests from more than 40 countries.

What is an Ambassador?
UnderTheDoormat ambassadors provide introductions to potential new homes and homeowners in London zones 1 and 2. In return they earn a commission of 5% of the homeowner rate for all bookings throughout the their first year with us. The ambassador role is well-suited to people who are personally involved in the property world or have a range of personal contacts with nice homes who would value the service that UnderTheDoormat offers. People in the following groups or sectors are particularly likely to have success in this area.
• Expats
• Retirees
• Mums
• Travel agents and company travel planners
• Architects & builders
• Property developers and management companies
• Search agents and Estate agents
• Foreign investors in property

Being an Ambassador is a part time role which is flexible around your life or as a complement to your business. We will ensure you know about UnderTheDoormat's service so you can comfortably talk about us to people. Once you have made the introduction our team will take it from there.

What does it take to be an UnderTheDoormat Ambassador?
To qualify as an ambassador you will need to introduce us to two homeowners who come on board. These will be included within your commission payments. You will also need to be able to introduce us, on average, to two new homes each month.

As part of our working together you will:
• Take part in an Ambassador on-boarding meeting - on brand, customer offering and policies/processes to
equip you to speak about the company from a strong knowledge base. 2 Luxury short-term and vacation rentals
• Meet with us regularly to share ideas/experience and refine our offer
• Work together to co-develop and improve marketing materials to support your interactions
• Look for more strategic partnerships to help expand the business beyond organic growth and single

Brand Ambassador Commision
We offer a commission based on the first year bookings for a new homeowner (starting from the date the contract with the homeowner is signed). This is a percentage of the fixed amount the homeowner themselves will earn. The commission amount is 5%. The commission is paid to you when the homeowner gets paid (this is usually within 10 working days of the completion of bookings for their home unless otherwise agreed).

Financial Examples of our Ambassadors
The programme can deliver very interesting financial results for ambassadors who are able to introduce the right homeowners to help grow the business. High quality central homes with high availability will generate the highest returns. We offer a range of differently styled and sized homes for guests at different price points, but all homes must reach our criteria for us to be able to short-let them.

Some example earnings available:
Scenario 1
• 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom, in South Kensington/Chelsea
• £200 nightly homeowner rate
• Available 6 months of the year and occupied 80%
• £1,456 commission

Scenario 2
• 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom in Knightsbridge
• £265 nightly homeowner rate
• Available 12 weeks of the year and occupied 70%
• £779 commission
Scenario 3
• 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom in Bloomsbury with roof terrace
• £140 nightly homeowner rate
• Available 4 months of the year in winter months and occupied 60% 3 Luxury short-term and vacation rentals
• £512 commission

The average commission from these scenarios would be £916 through the year. If an ambassador introduced two homeowners each month the cumulative annual income would be £21,984. If they introduced higher value and availability homes like in Scenario 1 the earnings would be higher.