Become a Web Developer - Includes Full Programmer Bundle

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02 Nov 2020
02 Dec 2020
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Course overview

Programming and development is an increasingly sought-after skill-set in today’s IT job market, and a foundational understanding of the C#, Python and other programming languages is sure to give any aspiring programmer an advantage.

This Programmer Basics Bundle provides everything you need to get a solid grasp on these important and useful coding languages.

Included in this bundle are courses on a variety of programming languages, which include:

  • C#, an all-purpose programming language developed by Microsoft which runs on the .NET framework
  • Python, a widely-used programming language commonly used to write programs and apps
  • JavaScript, a powerful coding language used for adding functionality to web pages
  • And more

What you'll learn

  • The syntax and coding basics of programming languages
  • How to code software applications for various platforms and devices
  • The fundamentals of Python, including syntax
  • How to add effects to web pages in CSS
  • How to structure and write web pages using HTML

Entry requirements

This course has no additional requirements.


Today, many students prefer the ease of studying at their own pace and in an environment of their choosing – this is made possible by online study.

Additionally, online training courses often prove to be more cost-effective than the traditional classroom-based alternative. Studying online grants students the ability to study at their own convenience, and review the content as many times as needed until they feel they have a comfortable understanding of it.

Who's it for?

This bundle is suitable for programmers of any skill level – from those new to programming to experienced programmers hoping to broaden their skills. This Programmer Basics Bundle includes free access to the Programming Library courses – over 480 courses and over 2,500 hours of content, including seven categories of libraries, such as:

  • Open Source
  • Microsoft
  • JAVA
  • Security
  • Mobile
  • Cloud
  • UX Design

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