Examinations Invigilators

Barton Peveril Sixth Form College
Up to £10,000
18 Nov 2020
23 Nov 2020
Contract Type
Part Time
Main Responsibilities:

1.To ensure a calm environment to give the candidates the best possible opportunity to be successful in their exams.

2.To organise students at the start and end of each exam, ensuring that they are sat according to the set seating arrangements.

3.To provide the correct information and material for successful completion of thee xam.

4.To ensure that the conduct of the exam takes place within the guidelines set down by JCQ.

5.To give the invigilator’s announcement at the beginning of each exam.

6.To be vigilant throughout the exam to ensure there is no breach of exam regulations.

7.To ensure that candidates do not leave the exam room earlier than the designated time and without the necessary supervision.

8.To report any suspicion of malpractice to the Exams Officer immediately after the exam.

Main Duties:

1.To arrive at the Exam Office 30 minutes before the start of the exam.

2.To check the identification of each student sitting the exam.

3.To complete the attendance register at the start of the exam.

4.To report any non-attendance to the Exams Staff as soon as possible.

5.To display the exam paper, start time and finish time so that it is clearly visible by the students sitting the exam.

6.To distribute the necessary exam papers and answer booklets.

7.To announce clearly to the candidates when they may begin the exam.

8.To send any candidates who arrive at the exam room after the start of the exam to the Exams Office.

9. To be vigilant and move around the exam room quietly at regular intervals throughout the exam.

10. To ensure that candidates do not leave the exam room without supervision until told to do so.

11. To collect all exam papers and scripts at the end of the exam; before the candidates leave the exam room, and return them to the Exams Office.

12. To record and then report any irregularities to the Exams Office immediately after the exam.

13. Ensure that students leave the exam room in silence.

14. Attend necessary Invigilator training and updates.

This list is not exhaustive and will be reviewed periodically. You will be expected to undertake such duties as may be requested which are consistent with the nature of the position