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19 Nov 2020
19 Dec 2020
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Course overview

Our coding Traineeship is the easiest way to start a new career as a Web Developer/Software Developer/ App Developer. The traineeship is completed in simple steps, which consist of; front end and back end coding, practical projects, gaining official certifications & building your own portfolio. You will then be placed into a role with a guaranteed starting salary of £20K-£30K.

The whole package can be completed online in as little as 3-6 months, making it perfect for anyone looking at a career change. You will also have an expert tutor to help you throughout your studies.

We have placed our candidates not only with small to medium-sized companies but also large multinational corporations across the UK. These companies trust us time and time again to provide them with high quality, entry-level developers.

Our Traineeship is becoming increasingly popular, as our clients know they are receiving professionally trained developer staff. What’s more, our candidates know they are guaranteed to be placed into a role, with a great start salary in a growing industry.

Duration study load

  • 3-6 months
  • 18 months total unlimited access

Course features

  • Accredited training courses to become a full-stack developer
  • Official Microsoft Exam 70-480
  • Practical projects
  • Support building your own portfolio
  • Expert tutor support
  • Full CV Rebuild
  • £20K-£30K Job Guarantee within 20 miles of your home
  • 100% of your course fees back if you’re not placed into a role
  • 18 months total unlimited access


Step 1 – Front End Coding

Complete a selection of professional and industry recognised coding courses covering HTML, CSS and Javascript. The training is delivered via multimedia rich video tutorials, presentations and quizzes, accessed through a portal that you can study on from home.

You can log into the portal at any time, meaning this can be completed around any full-time job. The emphasis of Step 1 is to learn all of the theory before beginning the back end and practical training. This takes around 2 weeks of full-time study or four weeks of part-time study to complete.

At the end of your training, we will then provide you with extensive exam simulators to get you ready for step 2 which is your official Microsoft exam.

Step 2 – Official Microsoft Exam

At this point, you will be prepared to go and sit the official Microsoft 70-480 exam – Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3. Our student care team will arrange for you to take the exam at your local Pearson Vue testing centre.

This certification is recognised worldwide and will be a great addition to your CV. It will show employers that you have a professional, industry-recognised level of knowledge in the front end programming languages. This, along with your portfolio work later in the traineeship will make you a well-rounded and employable candidate.

Step 3 – Back End Coding + Practical Projects

You will be studying all the back end coding languages and gaining skills that will qualify you as a fully-fledged web developer.

Step 3 is heavily focused on the practical element of learning. With our Traineeship, you will be practising the skills as you learn them, through our inbuilt labs.

You will also be completing projects throughout the course which will be perfect to include in your portfolio to showcase your new skills.

Step 4 – Building Your Portfolio Site

The final step will be to build your own portfolio website. The portfolio plays a key part in the hiring process as it gives the employer a real insight into your level of ability, creativity and personality. The portfolio is like a practical extension of your CV as it demonstrates your programming skills and project work for employers to see.

We will also support you setting up your own GitHub account, which is a great tool to allow employers to view the coding behind your projects.

Job Placement

Once you have completed all of the mandatory training, which includes the online courses, practical projects and building your own portfolio, we will place you into a Web Development/Software Development role, where you will be guaranteed a starting salary of £20K-£30K.

We have partnered with a number of large organisations strategically located throughout the UK, providing a nationwide reach of jobs for our candidates.

If we cannot place you into a role at the end of the training we will refund 100% of your course fees to you


Front End Courses – (Access time: 6 Months)
Back End Courses – (Access time: 1 Year)

Core Modules

  • Front End Courses
  • Back End Courses

Job outcomes

  • Web Developer
  • Software Developer


Accredited by Microsoft

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About IT Career Switch

At IT Career Switch, we are devoted to connecting quality IT professionals with some of the most innovate and front-running companies in the UK.

With more than 20 years of combined experience in the industry between the 3 founding directors, we know how important it is to find the right candidate first time. Countless times we have come across companies who have tried to recruit first line or IT technicians, only to find when they start, they don’t know the difference between a keyboard and a motherboard.

They then have the option of looking for somebody, hopefully, better, to replace them. They spend valuable time giving training. This is why we are here. This is why the IT technician traineeship is the future of entry-level IT recruitment.

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