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24 Feb 2021
26 Mar 2021
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Course overview

This fully accredited course bundle prepares you to obtain two globally recognised certifications for Project Management, which are perfect for emerging Project Managers seeking to make a name for themselves.

This bundle ensures that you are prepared for your exams by supplying practice exams, quizzes, and sample examination papers. Project Managers must be prepared to plan projects from the start, manage them effectively, and close them according to the appropriate procedure after they have achieved their goals. Project Managers must also ensure that the project is executed within the time, cost and quality specifications put in place. This course bundle aims to prepare you for these responsibilities and to equip you with an understanding of the basic skills and techniques necessary to lead projects.

PRINCE2 is a hugely popular Project Management methodology used commonly in the UK as well as around the world and is praised for its best practice nature – meaning that all recommended methods have been tried and proven to be effective. Project Management Fundamentals is a perfect introduction to Project Management as it presents all the important base concepts associated with Project Management. Together these courses will make sure that you are informed on all the essential base-level Project Management skills and techniques, creating an ideal point for you to build your Project Management career upon. The PRINCE2 Foundation course in this bundle includes all the recent changes made to the official PRINCE2 guidance, Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 2017 Edition, which further highlights the ability for PRINCE2 projects to be tailored, and expands on the themes, principles and processes of PRINCE2.

What you'll learn

This starter bundle aims to provide you with a good foundational understanding of Project Management, with Project Management Fundamentals outlining the methods and processes commonly used to effectively manage projects, as well as stakeholder management, risk management, quality control and some of the essential planning activities that must take place before a project begins.

PRINCE2 Foundation introduces the important base of information in regards to the PRINCE2 Project Management methodology, such as the 7 themes and the influence they have on the execution of a project, the 7 principles and how they define a project and the 7 processes and the path they outline for how a project should progress, as well as the management products and how to use them, and the terms you will often use during a PRINCE2 project.

Entry requirements

There are no entry requirements for this course.

Course features

  • 12 months unlimited access to all learning materials
  • 29 total modules
  • Practice exams
  • Downloadable sample examination papers
  • Quizzes after each module to test your understanding
  • The option to write the PRINCE2 Foundation exam at home using a webcam
  • Recruitment package which guides you in perfecting your CV and preparing you for interviews
  • This bundle qualifies you for an NUS Extra Student Card
  • Student support to assist you with any questions you have


  • Accredited by PeopleCert

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