Communications Consultant

Working from home. Romford, Essex base.
Citizens Advice Havering have a budget not exceeding £10,000 for this project (inclusive of VAT)
01 Mar 2021
10 Mar 2021
Contract Type

Citizens Advice Havering (CAH) is seeking a Communications Consultant to steer the organisation through a period of change and improve current communication systems.


The organisation’s response to the lockdowns and restrictions, imposed as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, was quick and effective ensuring that advisers, working remotely from home, could continue to give help to those who needed it.  The focus was always to continue delivery of a high quality service to clients; this was enabled by the technology available within the organisation.  This way of working, however, highlighted the limited opportunities that had existed for some time for effective communication and engagement among trustees, paid staff and volunteers.

It is inevitable that the continuing success of staff and volunteers working from home should lead to consideration of if, how and to what extent it could become a permanent feature of the organisation’s service delivery and of what the impact would be on the interaction with its workforce and its ability to recruit and retain staff and volunteers.  

In December 2020, CAH established a communications working group to guide the development and implementation of a communications strategy.  The group decided that its initial focus should be the internal communications systems of the organisation.  In January 2021, an initial internal communications strategy was adopted and it was agreed to appoint a Communications Consultant for a short fixed period. 

The Communications Consultant will assist the communications working group address the challenges of internal communication between and engagement with CAH trustees, staff and volunteers, to develop an external comms strategy, and to put in place the systems needed to facilitate both strategies.  It is proposed that strategies should be considered in the context of CAH’s over-arching strategy and business development plan for the next three years.


  • To advise the Communications Group and assist in the implementation of its internal communications strategy and action plan.  To assist with its improvement and development if and when necessary.

  • To develop an external communications strategy, with the support of the Communications Group, Trustees and Senior Management Team

  • To develop a system of internal communications (intranet) that ensures information is consistently distributed to the relevant audience in a timely and effective way, and the system is simple to maintain with relevant training

  • To ensure there are robust feedback and problem-solving processes in place.

  • To make an assessment and recommendation on the office suite used by Citizens Advice Havering (we currently use Microsoft Teams and Sharepoint), ensuring it is future proof, compatible, versatile and offers suitable core applications and additional tools.  Provide a detailed action plan for any changes and migration recommended.

Expected products and deliverables

Strategy and advice:

The attendance at all relevant meetings with the Communications Group, SMT and Trustees (if required) to report on findings and proposed actions.

The fulfilment of the internal communications strategy.

The development of an external communications strategy.


The successful delivery of a communications platform (intranet) that is easy to maintain, attractive to view, simple to navigate, informative, cost effective, well branded in line with Citizens Advice guidelines and with a capacity to grow and develop.

Project timetable

Immediate start available, but must start by 29th March 2021 at the latest.

6 weeks – 2 months from start to finish.

Relevant resources

Support of Communications Group, Trustees and Senior Management Team.  Brand and communication guidance from Citizens Advice.

Reporting arrangements

Communications group meeting on Monday 29th March 2021 at 3pm

Interim report to Trustees for their meeting on Tuesday 13th April (1 week in advance)

Communications group meeting on Monday 24th May 2021 at 3pm

Final handover of documents and system arrangements at end of project and before final payment

Method of payment

By invoice at the mid-point and end of project.  Payment will be made in two stages upon receipt of agreed deliverables.

To submit your proposal

Please email by Wednesday 10th March 2021 with your proposal.

Your proposal should include:

  • Your understanding of our needs
  • A method statement
  • A full budget
  • Details of two referees

Citizens Advice Havering have a budget not exceeding £10,000 for this project (inclusive of VAT) and proposals will be assessed 20% on price, and 80% on the quality and potential of the proposal to offer strategic advice, support in building the communications strategy and facilitating the technical aspects of the internal communications proposal.