Self Employed Mortgage Broker

100000.00 - 100000.00 GBP Annual + GBP100000/annum
14 Jun 2017
11 Jul 2017
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Full Time
7 Reasons Why the UK's Best Advisers are becoming Self-Employed with Just Mortgages

Freedom, Flexibility and Fulfilment
Sick of being micromanaged within an inch of your life? You know your work-style better than anyone else, so why should someone dictate to you how YOU should work? Just Mortgages is a strong believer in self-management and self-direction. Without this, innovation disappears and creativity flounders. We are not robots, and your clients want to see you, not a carbon copy of every other mortgage broker out there. Our self-employed programme will give you the support, training and resources that you'll need to be the adviser that YOU want to be.

The potential to earn more money. A lot more money.

This is probably the biggest drive for most of us. There comes a point in everyone's career when they hit that ceiling. Have you ever found yourself fantasizing about earning your true worth - be it GBP150k or GBP200k? Or more? It's up to you how much you earn. If you're ready to take that next step, Just Mortgages will encourage and support you every. step. of. the. way.

Passionate about your trade? Then your trade will be passionate about you!

Clients come back to you for three reasons: they believe in you, they believe in your product, and you've made them believe in something new. This comes from one key quality of successful Advisers throughout the world: passion about your trade. We don't need studies to show that this kind of Adviser is more successful than one who doesn't this drive. Just Mortgages is the perfect environment to keep that passion fuelled and clients will keep coming back.

Support from every corner

From an initial training course to get you started, to supportive and nurturing manager at the end of the phone every day. We light a fire within you rather than under you. Strong relationships are encouraged with your colleagues, your manager and with your Business Development Managers.

Work-life balance

This is the phrase of the 2010's. And with good reason. Have you ever tried to run a car on empty? It doesn't go very far. At least being self-employed you work when you want, where you want, how you want. In a make-shift office on your kitchen table, or a cocktail bar in Barbados. Your choice - we respect that.

Work with Openwork - trusted to deliver excellent value to clients and 1st class service with our advisers.

Openwork have one of the best reputations in the industry, and we are proud work in partnership with them. With its ease of use, comprehensive range of lenders and excellent support for their users, Openwork has become essential in delivering a strong service and maintaining our own enviable reputation. Just Mortgages is growing - in size, value and reputation - so joining us will do the same for your business.

Welcome to the Spicerhaart 'Family'. Our Company Culture is not like any other!

We are here for you. Period. We pride ourselves as having a very low turnover and very happy workers, and once you're in, you'll see why. So pick up the phone and call our recruitment hotline for more details: (Apply online only), or apply online for more information on how to join the family