Registered Nurse RMN

14.00 - 15.00 GBP Hourly
12 Jul 2017
25 Jul 2017
Contract Type
Full Time
Registered Nurse RGN or RMN

You will be expected to: -

-Adhere at all times to the NMC code of professional conduct.
-Conduct a legal, ethical, and accountable practice and remain open to the scrutiny of peers.
-Respect the rights of others sensitively and with regard to issues of equality and diversity
-Promote ethical practice in others.

Context of Care Delivery
You will be expected to: -

-Maintain and support compliance with current legislation, government, and local policy including the Mental Health Act.
-Supports health, safety and security within legislative requirements and in adherence to identified standards and local policy
-Support the implementation of Clinical Governance and Standards for Better Health
To participate in maintaining the physical, relational and procedural security of the service to ensure the safety of all

Effective Communication
You will be expected to: -

-Recognise the value of effective communication and the potential for developing therapeutic relationships, effective teamwork, interdisciplinary working, and customer care.
-Utilise effective communication to develop professional therapeutic relationships, optimise patient engagement and facilitate interdisciplinary working
-Manage sensitive communication.
-Communicate effectively with a range of stakeholders

Process of Care
You will be expected to:

-Support staff in the assessment, planning, and review of care plans in partnership with patients within an evidence based framework.
-Act as key worker for a designated group of patients, and associate nurse as required.
-Compile and support positive risk management plans for patients.
-Participate in interdisciplinary pre admission assessment of referred patients.

Effective Teamwork
You will be expected to: -

-Respect the role and function of the team and accept and support collective responsibility for team decisions.
-Operate effectively as a team member.
-Act as mentor/preceptor and contribute to the development of student nurses and other members of the team.
-Assess health care workers within the competency development programme.

Leadership/ Management
You will be expected to: -

-Lead a shift.
-Delegate appropriately.
-Act as a role model for best practice.
-Support innovative evidence based practice.
-Listen and facilitate team working.
-Support implementation of legal and professional standards and audit recommendations.
-Provide clinical supervision to HCAs.
-Be aware of budgetary constraints in management of resources.

Therapeutic Interventions
You will be expected to: -

-Understand and work within professional boundaries.
-Commit to and support the promotion and delivery of basic living skills within a forensic mental health care setting.
-Participate in the delivery of evidence based interdisciplinary programmes of care.
-Support junior staff in their contribution to therapeutic interventions as agreed by the interdisciplinary team.
-Manage medication as per hospital policy.
-Contribute to health promotion within the ward environment.

Professional Development and Learning
You will be expected to: -

-Sustain and enhance personal development plans through: -

oThe use of organisational systems including: -
Peer review.
Clinical supervision.
oProfessional development activities including: -
Reflection on practice.
Training and education.
Maintenance of professional portfolios.

oThe critical appraisal of research and current thinking in order to implement and support evidence based practice.

-Completion of all regulatory and compliance training

-Utilise and promote learning and education as integral to service delivery

Health, Safety and Security

•To comply with the provisions of the Health, Safety and Welfare at Work Act 1974 and other relevant legislation and policies, ensuring the provision and maintenance of a safe environment for all members of the Hospital community.
•To participate in maintaining the physical, relational and procedural security of the service to ensure the safety of all
•As part of your role you may be required to assist in the management of challenging situations including the management of violence and aggression. In those situations, you may be required to utilise physical means of managing the situation through 'management of actual or potential aggression' techniques. As a result you will be required to undertake the preparatory training. This is a basic requirement of all Nurses and Healthcare Workers within Casicare. It is therefore imperative that you are physically able to participate".