10 Trainee Entrepreneurs

Kairos Group
£40,000 - £49,999
12 Feb 2018
18 Feb 2018
Contract Type
Part Time

Could you help build and run a business?
Are you looking for that first big break?

This isn’t a “normal job” - I’m looking for 10 Trainee Entrepreneurs. You must be capable of running and growing a business.
The plan is that 5 years hard work will set you up for life. If you haven’t got the drive to see that through, don’t apply.
We are looking for an ambitious Business Development Managers, self-starters, who have the drive and determination to help me grow our UK brand businesses.
If you have a desire to get into business, but possibly not got the resources, this could be the opportunity you’ve been dreaming of.

We are NOT looking for -
I’m not looking for a prima donna, who thinks menial tasks are beneath them. This is a “the buck stops here” role and organisation. It takes everything you’ve got to get everything you want
You will be experienced enough in life to realise, success won’t happen overnight and that the first 12 months will be extremely grueling, relentless hard work.

To do the role, you will need a “sleeves rolled up, I will do anything” attitude. You will have to think and operate like an entrepreneur/owner. Team member not turned up? A crisis on site? A job need doing before close of play today? Guess what, it’s yours. You’ll need to jump into that role. (or quickly find someone to fill it).
That’s what it’s like in the real world of business, so don’t be under the illusion its playing golf all afternoon or doing Powerpoint presentations. You will need to lead by example.

If you’re a clock watcher, someone who winds down after 6 hours work or who can only get stuff done, “if everything goes to plan”, then this isn’t for you. In the real world, stuff happens and you have to cope. If that means working round the clock on the odd all-nighter, so be it.
By definition, the hours can be long. There will be time spent on the road, (a licence and car are essential) You will have to help create, train and motivate a team.

The idea is, you will develop to work ON the business, as much as IN the business, but you have to be able to take it to that level first.
Building a business can be like pushing a snowball uphill. The nearer you get to the summit, the bigger the snowball gets, but the harder it gets to push for a while. It needs a supreme effort to get past the summit, and then get the easier and faster trip, growing rapidly down the other side. Most businesses give up on the way up the summit. Some take their eyes off the ball when it gets easier on the downside, but then crash and burn. You won’t be one of them. You can focus on the task and see it through.

What we are looking for -
While we believe entrepreneurs can be made, not just born, we know from experience, they are a very, very rare breed. But if you’ve got the basics, We’ll help you build on these attributes.

The basics are all about character. You will need incredible stamina, determination and sheer force of personality to see things through to completion, (80% wouldn’t even read this far). You must be able to shrug off set-backs, partial failures and crisis, and plough on. You won’t stop till the job is done. You will be self-confident, but it won’t be hollow bravado. When you say you can or will do something, you know you have the inner strength to see it through.

95% of people would give up before you. You will be the one that proves it can be done when everyone else has given up, sure that it can’t. It isn’t in your nature to give up, not turn up or quit.
When you are given a difficult challenge, you don’t suggest all the reasons why it won’t work. You look for ways that it can – and ask for help on the bits you don’t know.

Can you do it?
If you’ve seriously got the guts to take on this role, then you can literally write your own ticket.
While there is a guaranteed income element, this is a real opportunity to earn a terrific income plus, if you’ve got it, continue to increase your income to unimaginable levels

Skills you will need -
For the most part, the skills can be learned. Character and attitude are much harder to build, so you are likely to have the right character attributes already. You will be pretty smart, good at Maths and English.

EQ – Emotional Intelligence, is more important than IQ or Intellectual Intelligence.
You might come from an entrepreneurial family, possibly grown up “in the shop” or helping your self-employed parents in their business when you were young (or maybe still are). You will have some experience in the workplace, but don’t need years of experience. However, you will have shown your ability and had some level of supervisory or management role and possess a very strong work ethic. You will be the type of character who enjoys work and thrives on challenges.

You won’t be a job hopper and will have a reasonably good job record.

You may have “had a go” at business yourself, possibly made a few mistakes and need to start again. It could be anything from a market stall, to an internet business. More than likely, you’ve worked a part time job in your youth, have not been reliant on your parents for your spends and proud of your ability to stand on your own feet.

Overall, you are seriously ambitious – but not the shallow “I want to be a celebrity” ambition.
You are really determined to make something of your life. You have an attitude that you will “get it done, if it kills me” – not, “well, if everything goes well it should be ok”
You are unlikely to be in an academic role, more likely to have some experience or interest in sales and marketing, (but hands-on - not just the fluffy bits). You will have great social skills, able to build rapport and respect with people quickly.
You will also be someone who seizes the opportunity – “things come to those who wait – but only what’s left by those who strive”.

If you’ve not already decided you want (and will get) this job, then it probably isn’t for you.

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