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12 Mar 2018
21 Mar 2018
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Accounting (Degree) tutors & teachers

"I have a degree level Accounting exam on the 22nd of march My exam brief includes the following - calculate stock values using FIFO, LIFO and AVCO and know which valuation method would be most appropriate for a particular business - know the current accounting regulatory bodies and regulation names - recognise an equity / non equity share, and know how to treat them in the financial statements - know which dividends are included in the financial statements - calculate administration costs, selling and distribution costs and finance costs for company income statements and identify what this classification is called - account for bonus share issues and rights share issues, annual profit and dividend payments in the Statement of Changes in Equity - account for fixed assets (including depreciation and disposal) in T-accounts - discuss the three main purposes of communication to external stakeholders through the annual report and accounts: stewardship, accountability and economic decision making. Background/Context There are 20 questions in total. The first 16 will be multiple choice questions (MCQs) covering: - Stock valuation - Regulatory and conceptual frameworks - The Nature of Companies and their Capital - Financial Statements of Limited Liability Companies The MCQs will cover both numeric and narrative topics – make sure you read through all the relevant slides. Questions 17 and 19 are short questions (including T-accounts) covering fixed assets, depreciation & disposal Question 20 will be a narrative question about the three main reasons companies communicate information to external stakeholders: stewardship, accountability and economic decision making. I need urgent assistance in these topics preferably on the weekends. I'm looking for 1 to 1 tutoring at my house in Sutton as that is how i learn best. Please contact me asap if you can help with this! "

Requested by Megan S in sm1 4hu

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