Dog Boarder - Flexible

West Midlands & Staffordshire
£15.96 - £34.43 per day + additional chargeable services to be added later in year
30 Mar 2018
29 Apr 2018
Contract Type
Self employed

This role is a Home Dog Boarder, looking after our customers dogs in the boarders home while the customer is away. Daycare, overnight, weekend, weekly or even sometimes monthly care. You will be responsible for the dog(s) health and well-being, feeding, walking and loving them whilst in your care. The owners provide the bedding, leads, food, treats etc. and your role is to provide the care.

This role is perfect for anyone who wants to run their own business from home and wants flexibility over when they work. You are responsible for your diary and can accept the number, type, breed of dogs you want when you want. It can be used in tandem with other home-based businesses, so you can maximise your income. There are no restrictions if you don’t leave the dogs for more than 3-4 hours and not regularly unless another adult is supervising.

This role is only suitable for people who have a passion for dogs and want to enjoy their company and provide them with daily walks, food, water, and love. The dogs quickly adapt but it maybe they are a little confused for the first day but with a good walk and love and affection, they soon adapt and enjoy the experience.

If successful, you will receive 24/7 help and support and everything that you need to accept bookings on a flexible basis.

If successful I will come to see you at your home and discuss the role and whether you and your home meet the required standards as set out above. In some instances, we may not need borders in your area due to numbers already recruited or lack of demand and you will be notified if unsuccessful.

  1. You must be a Dog lover with A good manner with people and a good sense of humor.
  2. You must be a homeowner or if renting you have permission to use your home for boarding dogs.
  3. You must have a clean, tidy home without hazards that could hurt the dogs. A safe and secure, escape-proof garden, that is enclosed with fencing or walls and not bushes and any water such as ponds safely covered over.
  4. Smoke detectors covering all floors of the property
  5. A fire extinguisher of an appropriate type
  6. A dog appropriate first aid kit
  7. You must have access to the internet and be computer literate to a basic degree. You will be provided with an online diary which will allow you to view bookings and accept or decline by the click of a button. There is minimal administration and the system deals with all payment aspects so that there is no need for you to discuss money with the customers, just care for the dogs.
  8. You must not have been convicted of any offense relating to animal welfare
  9. You must be willing to be vetted by your local council environmental health department who will come to your home to inspect it and then on payment of the appropriate yearly fee, issue you with a license to board animals under the Animal Boarding Establishments Act 1963. Boarding dogs without a license is a criminal offense and all Lookafteryourdog home dog boarders will have a license
  10. You must not be in employment and available at home to provide full-time care and only leaving the dogs for up to 4 hours but not regularly.
  11. If you have your own dog(s) they must be non-aggressive to people or other dogs and enjoy the company of other dogs in their home and be fully vaccinated and neutered/spayed.
  12. You must not have preschool children present at the home for safety reasons.
  13. Cats and other small animals would only be considered if it was proved that they would not meet the boarded dogs for safety reasons.
  14. You should be fit and able to walk the dogs twice a day or as required by the owner.
  15. You must have Dog tags with your name and address/phone number securely fitted on the dogs whilst they are staying with you
  16. Dogs should be walked on lead unless the owner expressly wishes it and signs a written consent, or you have access to a safe and secure area with no means of escape. You will be covered by our insurance to take the dog in your car is covered by appropriate business cover on your insurance and an approved restraint method is used, dog seatbelt, crate or guard.

Qualifications and Skills

  • Previous dog owning experience
  • Confidence with dogs in a variety of situations
  • Full UK Driving license and own transport with business cover to transport dogs
  • Dog first aid trained desirable but not essential

Good luck and I hope to meet you soon to discuss the role and what it entails.

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