Family Friendly

The Mumsnet Family Friendly programme recognises companies that go the extra mile to make families' lives easier.

We're working with businesses to help them understand the needs of families, as well as highlighting the companies that do put families first - whether that be by providing flexible working for employees or by offering something extra for parents and children as customers. 

We believe organisations should be proud and vocal about their family-friendly policies and credentials, and we want families to get the support and help they need from colleagues, businesses, and the government to make life easier and ensure Britain becomes one of the best countries in which to raise a family.

We want to see workplaces where parents don't have to deny that their kids come first. We want firms to be unequivocal that their employees don't have to feel bad or worry that they'll be marked down as lacking commitment if they ask to go to their child's sports day. Being family friendly makes business sense, too. Companies shouldn't spend time and money training staff only to see them walk out the door once they've had children because their working practices don't fit with family life.

Each year, we award some of the British companies who have stepped up to make sure that parents are well catered for as both employees and customers. See who's currently in our Family Friendly hall of fame.